You never know purpose can be birthed out of pain until you have had to be the manifestation of this creed.  Birthed Nikki Walker, now better affiliated as MicroNikko. Excited doesn’t suffice in comparison to my new presence in the ever progressing beauty industry as a licensed esthetician as well as a licensed tattoo artist specializing in permanent makeup and micropigmentation services. 

  My interest in these particular origins of beauty enhancement originated in 2014 when I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. My individualized treatment plan included: chemotherapy, radiation, and a double mastectomy. I had no idea of what the process would entail but my faith prepared me to understand the victory was already won.  Now some 4 years later I can scream from the depths of my soul that I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR!!!!! 

  Each day I arise to fulfill purpose I am reminded that it hasn’t been easy but surely it has been worth it.  During my process The chemotherapy aggressively took a toll on my normalcy. I lost my hair, my eyelashes and my eyebrows. Everything externally that represented external glamor was removed from me which filtered my confidence. Without question my new look required some

Intense getting use to. I was never one to routinely wear makeup except for on special occasions, but because of my new adjustments I had to learn how to apply my makeup, lashes and eyebrows. The consistency of applying these positive beauty enhancements allowed room for me to redefine my confidence and condition to accept external beauty. But it wasn’t just the fact I began to find joy in my image that was important it was the idea that I loved the feeling of the result of beauty enhancements and from there purpose and passion aligned! It was in that moment I knew that this was what I desired and was called to do! My painful process produced purposeful power!

  I could never remember any moments where   I felt perfectly passionate and like I was exactly where I needed to be until I began to actively apply these services to myself and others closely around me!  As a result I knew proper education and credentials needed to become my reality.  Hence, I journeyed to Esthetics school to build a solid foundation, but refused to stop there.  I have now obtained an array of licenses and certified certifications to enhance my abilities to perfect my craft and stand out as the Best in this field not just in skillsets but also knowledge. 

  My ultimate goal in defining my powerful place as a beauty enhancement technician is to redefine confidence by adding bounty to  the natural God given beauty shared with each of us. My desire is that each appointment leaves feeling more exceptional about their external image but even more confident on the gifting internally.

   In the very near future I will be opening up my own luxury location that will not only provide services, but also private and group trainings to assist others in making their dreams come true by being a force in the beauty industry.  After all life is more purposeful when you share your gift with others. I firmly believe that beauty is only skin deep, however allow me the opportunity to enhance your natural beauty by adding that MicroNikko touch. 









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